Who is w.Cooper Inc.?

is a fast growing, worldwide, privately owned business. w.Cooper Inc. manufactures and distributes worldwide a complete line of high quality, deluxe sand swimming pool filters, Cartridge filters, pumps and systems. Cooper's accessory product line includes filter bases, platforms, pressure gauges, sight glasses, hose adapters, multiport valves, and knife valves. Sales to the inground, aboveground and onground marketplace include new installations, renovations and retrofits.

Our Mission is:

  1. To conduct business with the highest ethical standards when dealing with our employees, our respected customer, valued suppliers and fellow industry participants.
  2. To continuously improve services and products through aggressive research and development while responding to the needs of the customers, employees and the industry.
  3. To work diligently, through creative avenues, in the pursuit of products that will enhance the environment while strengthening the profile of the entire industry.